Tuesday, August 7, 2012

News and action

Dear Comrades

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular – generally weekly - email from Welsh Labour Grassroots, a network of activists of the left and centre left of the Labour Party in Wales.

This blog also has information relating to the basic position of WLG, a link to our existing but little used website and, if you are a member of the Labour Party, how to join and provide support to our activities. Sympathisers who are not LP members are most welcome to receive and comment on our emails through our blog - just as is currently the case on our WLG Facebook page - and if you wish submit sources and other information to us to be added to the posts, which may help in our discussions and joint action. All posts on the WLG blog will be signposted through Twitter and Facebook.

As this is the first email the structure is a little experimental and will evolve with experience and comments. It is also suffering from new enthusiasm so is rather long.

Left week

With Boris being very really and symbolically caught by a zip (wire) and inviting the Digger to sit with him it appears to sum up August and the silly season. I’m sure Steve Bell will have a field day as it fully represents the Tories and our unfortunate predicament that they are in power over us and we have to suffer the consequences. Yet the ‘season’ does not halt the crisis of capitalism and the financial pages remain the most interesting read - more of which later – and horrific reports from Syria become the hardest to read and understand.

Left roundup

Mixed views on Hollande’s financial transaction tax in Left Foot Forward.

At last the state harassment of the disabled starts to hit the main news in Liberal Conspriracy.

Bankruptcy and further private control of the English NHS covered in list of those hospitals most at risk Labour Left

Unite’s new video on work in UK 2012 and what would be an alternative economic policy now Left Futures.

Labour Party

UK and Welsh Labour websites

The Cardiff South and Penarth campaign has started with Stephen Doughty as the candidate – ‘phone 02920 877700 to be involved.

Welsh Labour Grassroots

The last WLG meeting on Saturday, 21 July' heard a powerful presentation from Bob Clay on the economic, political, military and moral arguments against Trident, which we hope will form the basis of a blog post in the near future. Also encouraging hearing about good the work being done by newly-elected socialist Labour councillors in Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport and elsewhere.


Follow the excellent stand taken by comrades in Cardiff in support of the homeless.

Labour Representation Committee website is an excellent source of activity both in terms of direct action, argument and action within the Labour Party. The most important mobilisation with be the 20 October TUC demonstration for ‘A Future That Works’ this is an opportunity to oppose all the Tories have been doing and to demonstrate that we have an alternative as well as showing by action solidarity with comrades across Europe. We should try to ensure that it is the largest demonstration ever in the UK and here the LRC has a lot of advice and suggestions about how we can help build support within the Labour Party.

Resolutionary socialism

A model constituency motion to support the 20th is here and one for the 68 is too late campaign here. Use these motions to best effect in terms of gaining support and involving members in the discussion raise and speak to them at your local branch first.

All the best

Darren Williams WLG Secretary
Len Arthur WLG Assistant Secretary

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